Embrace Obstacles


Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?  Well it should, especially since there’s no social media campaign encouraging the mainstream world to embrace obstacles.  Instead, we typically view these obstructions in a negative light.  In fact, when faced with hindrances we often spiral into behavioral and emotional turmoil, the leading cause of physiological distress.  This recurring pattern continues to plague us since we don’t fully understand how obstacles are a part of the natural order of things.  Challenge yourself to look beyond the surface to discover the concealed benefits of obstacles:

  • Protection  –  Is it possible that hindrances shield us from danger, heartache, disappointment and grief?
  • Redirection –  Could barriers divert us from poor decisions, unnecessary dilemma, and crisis?
  • Reflection –  Are you traveling in the wrong direction or towards a dead-end? Could an obstruction be a warning sign cautioning you to slow down and to get back on course?

Refusing to embrace obstacles is a setup for a life of constant struggle and conflict, ultimately causing us to be weighed down by anxiety, irritability, depressed feelings, and isolation.  Free yourself from this dead weight.  Instead of resisting obstacles begin to embrace them.

Letting Go

The road to letting go…

Often times the source of our pain comes from an unwillingness and an inability to let go. We spend precious time and energy trying to hold onto past situations, our ignored opinions, unfulfilled relationships, unexpressed anger and the replay of negative memories.  Our desire to control  keeps us handcuffed to painful emotions and, while we’re struggling to break free, we miss out on experiencing a life of peace and happiness.

The Road To Letting Go:
  1. Acknowledge discomfort
  2. See yourself
  3. Willingness to let go
  4. Change your mind (about your situation)
  5. No longer need pain
  6. Take the risk