Stacy McCoy, Founder

A Professional Counselor licensed in DC, Maryland, and Virginia.  Ms. McCoy specializes in using a client-centered approach to treat trauma, addictions, depression, bipolar, anxiety and other mood disorders.  Ms. McCoy is trained and skilled in using mindfulness techniques and trauma release exercises to assist clients in developing coping strategies which helps them deal with life stressors. Ms. McCoy’s success, in the behavioral health community, stems from her core belief that introspection (healthy self-reflection) and empowerment can motivate clients to make strides towards improving their quality of life.

Ms. McCoy has a Master’s Degree in Community Counseling and a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Management.  Ms. McCoy’s 20-year experience includes working with individuals and groups in private practice, community mental health clinics, substance use disorder (SUD) clinics, developing youth programs, mentorship, community volunteerism, and outreach in South African orphanages.